Owl love you for all Owl Time we have... More if possible!

Pallas Owlthena is the keeper of Owl Time, here defined as the entire lifespan of a relationship with a quantifiable amount of love in it. She may be summoned by purehearted youth at a major milestone in their relationship, or by questing heroes who seek to lead their society who want to know how much time is left for diplomacy. She observes creatures larger than herself to offer guidance, and she cares for anything smaller than her yet larger than a mouse.

Her love is at times tough, mistaken by some as disciplinary or aggressive action. Yet in the long run, those who feel punished grow to love her when they realize her wisdom and lectures were selfless and for the purpose of preventing suffering. She believes death is only justified by the feeding of the living or the progression of an uncurable disease.

Her PastEdit

Pallas Owlthena was born in the moonlight in a quiet forest at the dawn of time somewhere west of the Prime Meridian. She has always been adventurous, never content to remain stuck in the same routine or feeling. Her only routine is in caring for creatures small-but-not-too-small (food excluded). There were no other owlets in her nest, so she set out one night in search of a friend.

The silence in the forest was soothing, until she heard a loud wail in the distance. Tracing it to its source, she found Karma Keepers:Felix Dymion, a cat who gazed at the stars. His sadness stemmed from the solitary nature of his study, and Owlthena asked many Lore:Questions of Love to learn what troubled him. Each time he named a trouble she would act on it and bring him what he lacked, and his tail twitched back and forth until he decided whether her gift pleased him. They hunted and shared many small meals together and he was glad for her company for a time... until he wasn't.

One day all of his tail twitches ended in hissing. Had Owlthena changed? Just the day before he had told her he would always love her as they lay down to sleep on perch and in tree hollow. Now he refused to come out but told her he was hungry. So she stopped begging him to tell her what was wrong and went away to hunt for him.

She returned to find him in the company of Karma Keepers: Felina Manx, who spat insults at Owlthena and told her she was disturbing their romance. Felix was smitten with her and told Owlthena how comforting it was to be back with someone who was so much like him.

Having lost track of time and feeling unjustly punished for always putting her lover's goals ahead of her own only to be rejected, Owlthena threw herself into her own plans once more. She had always longed to visit Paris, hearing it was a creative paradise of salon conversations and poetry, a mecca of creative history where love was easily found for great ideas if not for people and owls. So off she flew.

essentially believes in true love but finally went to paris and was overcome and if the owl can’t enjoy paris properly then no one will and became all consuming jealousy and a curse for couples everywhere i.e. no all relationships are a curve if you believe all the relationships follow all the stages of relationships according to my college communication text book the owl became very good at predicting when relationships would end and has become a death clock for romance


Ritual:Summoning the Owl Be forewarned, if you do not already have a mindful perspective about your relationship and what you want from it, you may be confused

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